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Home improvements are great...but not all of them are created equal. It is very important that homeowners make the right decisions and investments into their home...those that will yield higher returns. We wanted to share some information with you.

I kept hearing how good the take out seafood was at Austin's Seafood Market in Nags Head but never seemed to get there. Then the other night the husband surprised me with some steamed shrimp from there and it was delicious.

The weather is warming up and the fishermen and lady anglers on the OBX and elsewhere are already watching fishing reports, checking the pier and getting their tackle ready and dreaming of big catches.

I've lived on the Outer Banks my WHOLE life and never knew the history of Jockey's Ridge...til know. Clearly, Jockey's Ridge has played a key role in the legends of the Outer Banks.

Last night a friend/business associate was in town and we went to Owen's Restaurant for dinner. Owen's has been in business on the Outer Banks for over 65 years and serves some of the finest food you will find anywhere.

This time of year is when some local restaurants close up for the season...usually that happens right after Thanksgiving week. However many of our dining places stay open later and some all year long.

We know we are pretty laid back here and hopefully we use our manners for all our visitors...all the time. But as laid back as we are there is most definitely some beach etiquette that should be observed by everyone ... locals and visitors alike.

"I shall but love thee better after death" Part three of the legend of John and Amy Harris of the Outer Banks. ~ A concrete and steel vault is heavy. It takes several strong men to move it about.

"I shall but love thee better after death" part 2. ~ In vain, John Harris's neighbors pleaded with him to come with them to safety on the mainland. Grief and an aching sense of loss were still too much with him. He had not really yet given up on his Amy.

Maslin brought in this book the other day...written by Charles Harry Whedbee and first published in 1966. It contains stories and legends of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I thought it would be fun to share one or two with you.