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Each year, the many departments at Village Realty host fundraisers for an annual matched company contribution towards the Outer Banks Woman's Club Angel Gift Program.

We are always happy to help new businesses here at the Village and this venture sounds like it could really do well. For those of you who have been here in the summer you may have noticed that the mosquitos, sometimes, can be very annoying.

Bob Oakes, president of Village Realty, is pleased to announce that the historic Nags Head oceanfront home known as The Buchanan Cottage sold this week to a prominent eastern North Carolina family after being in the Buchanan family for 76 years.

Recently one of our sales agents was involved in the sale of a very historic home in Nags Head. He felt the history of this home was so interesting that we should blog about here we go. The 'Fearing' home was built in 1935 and is located on the oceanfront.

Have you ever heard of the Manx Club? I hadn't either until one of my former co-workers told me it was a club for dune buggy enthusiasts/owners. Who knew? So of course there is a Manx on the Banx chapter here on the Outer Banks.