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Outer Banks Blog

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Let's start off with the name, and how to pronounce it. Locals will tell you, in a skinny minute, that it is pronounced Kuh-RAH-Luh...not like the car. Kuh-RAH-Luh. Corolla is located in Currituck County, on the northern Outer Banks.

The other day I posted a photo on Facebook that showed some deer right on the oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills. Someone expressed surprise that there were deer here. There are, a lot of them, and other wildlife too.

I have had many jobs since moving here in 1972...retail, restaurants, hotel and then vacation rentals. I have even had several jobs while with Village Realty for the past 11 years. My current position is handling social media; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogging, etc.

One of the most fun parts of my job is that I get to give away stuff, good stuff, via Facebook all year long. Things like gift certificates to restaurants, comp tickets to concerts, swag bags, and more.