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Impress your family and friends by ordering a personalized Charcu.torie box delivered straight to wherever you choose (your rental house, beach setup, etc.)! Each creation can be catered to any needs including Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, or any allergies. We even offer Pet-Friendly boxes for your four-legged friends! These boxes are perfect for every occasion whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or just a special surprise for the day. Orders must be placed at least 48-hours in advance. Be sure to follow Charcu.torie on Facebook and Instagram. Order online here.
Village Realty guests enjoy our VIP deal:  Each order will receive a complimentary bottle pairing with their order (champagne, red or white wine depending on the board’s ingredients). Simply send a screenshot of your VIP Card from the guest smartphone app when making your order to receive the special offering. 

Phone Number: 252.421.9549