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Celebrating 25 years in Real Estate and with Village Realty!

Cathy has specialized in helping others find their dream homes since 1997, when she began pursuing her real estate career with Village Realty.

Having lived in the 4-wheel drive area of Carova for 3 years and then moving to the boating community of Colington Harbour, she enjoyed some of the hidden treasures of the Outer Banks. Combining her extensive knowledge and love of the Outer Banks with her personal experiences in purchasing, remodeling and owning rental homes, Cathy has become one of the most respected real estate agents on the beach. Each year, Village Realty is proud to present Cathy with one or more Agent of the Month awards as well as year-end sales awards.

Cathy channels her love of people, community and caring spirit into volunteering with the North Carolina Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief Ministry as a first responder as well as training new volunteers throughout the state. She also helps feed the homeless at Room In The Inn and the less fortunate at Ruthie’s Kitchen. Cathy makes a mean shrimp & potato chowder and Mexican cornbread, winning Village Realty’s Sales Department’s charity cook-off two years in a row!