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Outer Banks Brewtag

Sat 10/28/2023

Address: 6800 S Croatan Highway, Nags Head, North Carolina, 27959United States

Outer Banks Brewtag

How far can a keg fly? Hosted by the Rogallo Foundation, this event is a celebration of flight and beer. Brewtag teams from all over the east coast compete to see who can launch and fly an empty 1/6 keg barrel the farthest. The sky is the limit as to how creative your homemade flying contraption can be! Individuals and teams are welcome to register and be part of the very unique keg flying competition.   Live music by local artists throughout the event pairs well with the local and regional craft breweries on-site and local food vendors ready to serve! This family-friendly event will also feature plenty of activities for the kiddos with a kid zone featuring games and crafts and lots of room to hang with friends, kids, and watch the show!