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Leslie Daughtry Joins Our Beach Retreats Division

Leslie Daughtry Joins Our Beach Retreats Division

Extending its many accommodation offerings, Village Realty Holdings LLC introduces Beach Retreats, which links hotels, motels, inns and bed & breakfasts from Nags Head to Ocracoke under one management umbrella and one website: The new division allows travelers to efficiently customize their vacations by searching several properties at once. According to individual needs, arrangements can be differentiated in a variety of ways – from week-long stays in multiple locales, quick getaways, group retreats, or perhaps by simply adding an extra day before or after a scheduled rental home week.

Leslie Daughtry


Leslie Daughtry was recently hired as the Director of Hotel Management for the division, that strives to unite these diverse vacation properties under one cohesive brand. “Our goal is to provide a quality guest experience by overseeing the management from each property, to share resources, ensuring sites have everything they need to operate under the high standards guests have come to expect from Village Realty vacations,” explains Daughtry. With plans to broaden offerings in coming years, Beach Retreats currently encompasses six locations, stretching the length of the Outer Banks, including Ocracoke’s The Castle on Silver Lake, The Cove Bed & Breakfast, and Anchorage Inn, as well as the First Colony Inn, Tarheel Motel and See Sea Motel, situated in the northern beaches.

As someone who has served in the full range of roles within the vacation/hospitality industry, Daughtry is an ideal candidate for pulling together these plans. She began her 20-plus-year career in her hometown of Hampton, Virginia, by taking part in the DECA program, which prepares participants for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

“The professional side of the industry really clicked for me at a young age,” she says, recalling being offered her first full-time position during her freshman year in college. “I started on the front desk and worked my way up, eventually getting my real estate license. For me, it’s been very valuable in making decisions because I know how changes will impact others down the line – as at some point, I’ve likely worked in that capacity. I just really get it.”

Daughtry also has a lifelong fondness for the Outer Banks, which began around the time she was in the second grade. One summer, she visited with her Grandfather who, along with friends, hosted a “Grandparents Weekend” at an area rental home. Reminiscing about happy memories of climbing Jockey’s Ridge and fishing from the Kitty Hawk Pier, she recounts how her admiration for the area was further nurtured by frequent getaways with the family of her high school sweetheart – who is now her husband. “I always thought, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to live there one day.'” And, in 2001, that dream became a reality. Presently living just across the Wright Memorial Bridge, her family, which includes two children (ages 6 and 9), enjoys the beaches, landmarks and all the many recreational activities of the Outer Banks, every chance they get.

Now offering more ways for guests to enjoy all that the Outer Banks offer, Village Realty Holdings LLC’s Beach Retreats division can help customize your next memorable getaway. To learn more, visit their website at or call 888-853-9247.

Village Realty Holdings LLC includes Village Realty, Ocracoke Island Realty, and Carolina Beach Realty. Village Realty has been a leader in the vacation rental industry for more than 25 years, steadily striving to innovate and provide extraordinary customer service. Village Realty was voted the Best Property Management Company in 2018. The company offers full-service real estate sales and association management divisions. Visit their website at , call 888-827-2928 or stop by one of their conveniently located rental offices in Nags Head or Corolla.