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Candy Basnight Named Employee of the Year for Village Realty

Candy Basnight Named Employee of the Year for Village Realty

Candy Basnight was chosen as the 2013 Employee of the Year for Village Realty at their annual awards meeting in late November.  Village Realty employees and Associate Brokers are asked to nominate the person they feel has gone above and beyond their normal job duties during the course of the year. The final decision on the Employee of the Year is made by Village Realty President Bob Oakes.

Basnight has been nominated several times before since starting at the company in 2004, beginning her tenure as a part- time receptionist at the Nags Head office. It was not long before she became a full time employee and “the voice of Village Realty.”  Her co-workers expressed admiration that while sitting at the front desk she was able to keep track of so many people, their likes and dislikes and comings and goings.

Transferring to the rental department in 2008 she quickly became proficient in taking reservations, processing rental monies and working closely with accounting and the rental managers with guest relations issues, owner concerns and everyday tasks.

She was the obvious choice when it was time to fill a management position in Village Realty’s Corolla office and brought her years of on- the- job training, knowledge and hospitality skills with her.

Some of the comments sent in by co-workers were filled with admiration and gratitude: “Our days are filled with surprises at every turn, but it’s how we handle those surprises and the outcome that follows, that really separates us from the rest.  I honestly don’t know what we’d do without her!”

From another:  “I am so proud of how she has not only ‘stepped out of her comfort zone’ but she has jumped through it.  She has taken the rental management role seriously and has done her best to do what is best for Village Realty.  I’m amazed at her willingness to call rather than email and not hesitant to meet and greet owners and guests at their properties.  We don’t have a more loyal employee.” 

Photo: That is Candy in the flip flops…helping to haul all of our donations for the Outer Banks Food Pantry which was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Many companies and businesses on the OBX pitched in to re-stock the pantry. Special thanks toOuter Banks Association of REALTORS® for their help.  And, yes, we do wear flip-flops all year long!