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Jockey's Ridge. What's Under There?

Last week for Throwback Thursday I posted a photo of the top of the "buried castle" under Jockey's Ridge. The turrets are part of the castle that is part of the putt putt course that has long been hidden under lots and lots of sand. 

Just in case you are not from here, have never been here and/or don't even know where "here" is...Jockey's Ridge is the largest sand dune on the east coast and is found on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The park has 420 plus acres and is one of our most popular tourist attractions.  Shifting winds keep it moving southwest anywhere from three to six feet a year. Some years more, some less but the dune is always moving. There is a putt putt course underneath, photos and memories prove this. The putt putt course opened up in the early 1970's and featured a giant octopus and a sand castle among other hazards.  The Park System purchased the course from the owner once the sand covered the course up, which was in the late seventies and early eighties.  By 2010 the castle had all but disappeared, however when there is a southwest wind you can catch a glimpse of the top. 

Many visitors ask the park rangers "What's under the park?".  Their answers, "Sand."  Legends and stories and tales speak of a hotel under there, private homes, Jimmy Hoffa, and more but the only one confirmed is the putt putt course. 

Sand Facts from http://www.jockeysridgestatepark.com/ecology.html
The amount of sand making up the 420 acres of Jockey's Ridge is equal to about 6,000,000 dump truck loads!
The Sand is mostly quartz rock which came from the mountains millions of years ago.
The dunes never blow away because Northeast and Southwest winds blow the sand back and forth.

These days hang gliders sail overhead and kids roll down Jockey's Ridge and thousands of photos and hundreds of awe-inspiring sunsets are viewed every year. All that sand is impressive.  And it is a great place for a picnic and a simply fantastic place to go fly a kite. More information