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Greg has lived on the Outer Banks since 1994. Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, he has been visiting here since birth on a regular basis. His family history goes back to the early 1800s on Hatteras Island in the Village where every one of his ancestors was born. Many of his great-grandparents, great-great grandparents and other family members were lighthouse keepers at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse when it was first built in 1803. It could be said that Greg and his family have been looking out for and guiding people here on the Outer Banks for centuries.

Every member of his mother’s side of the family was born in the Village of Hatteras or Kinakeet (now known as Avon). His father was from Virginia Beach/Norfolk area so the salt was in his blood. As a kid, he visited his Hatteras Village family often and grew to love the ocean, family lifestyle and the beach for all it has to offer. He is an avid surfer, sailor and fisherman who plans to spend the rest of his days here enjoying what beach life has to offer.

Greg attended UNC-Wilmington’s School of Business for four years. His business education has led him to the real estate field on the Outer Banks, which allows him to be close to family, friends and the lifestyle he enjoys at the beach.

A REALTOR® on the Outer Banks since 2004, Greg enjoys sharing his love for and his knowledge of the Outer Banks to help clients buy, sell, and build their real estate dreams as smoothly possible. Greg is ecstatic to be working with Village Realty, the best real estate company on the Outer Banks, and wants you to be confident that he will fulfill your real estate needs.