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The other day I posted a photo on Facebook that showed some deer right on the oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills. Someone expressed surprise that there were deer here. There are, a lot of them, and other wildlife too.

Of course we have our beautiful and well known Corolla Wild Horses and you will also find dolphin and even the occasional whale out there in the ocean but we have foxes, opossum, rabbits, otters, red wolves, snakes, egrets, frogs, raccoons and birds of all types.  And, if you go just a little bit inland you can find bears and alligators too.  

Our barrier islands are full of things that crawl, hop, fly and slither!  Just like most things and people on the Outer Bank, the trick is to live and let live. Now, do I like snakes or spiders...nope, sure don't but I don't think that they are to be killed just because they exist. Now if a big ugly spider gets into my house, that is probably another story but as long as the wildlife stays outside, we will get along fine. 

Wildlife lovers come from all over to participate in the annual Wings Over Water Festival that takes place in October, the 21-26th to be exact. This is a favorite for both photographers, nature lovers and artists. The offerings for 2014 include:

Guided birding trips
Art and photography workshops
Tram tours of National Wildlife Refuges
Guided kayak and canoe tours
A visit to an ancient maritime forest
And much, much more…

The weather is great, lodging prices are much lower and everything is still open so it is a great time for a visit. To learn more about this festival please go to http://wingsoverwater.org/index.html.  

And since you will need a place to stay, give us a call at 855.585.8811. We do manage many Outer Banks Vacation Rentals that permit short stays. Don't forget to take photos...so you can enter them in our annual photo contest next year. 

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