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Village Realty on the Outer Banks of NC will be celebrating the 20th anniversary on August 1 of 2013. Village Realty and Management Services, Inc. was incorporated in North Carolina in July of 1993. President Robert Oakes, Jr.

Our 20 year anniversary...Village Realty's...not me and favorite coming up so I have been digging around for some interesting "way back" photos and notes about the OBX. I truly did not know that a silent film was made about the Lost Colony way back in 1921.

Eastern North Carolina BBQ is vinegar based and blended with varieties of spices...depending on which restaurant or roadside BBQ joint you visit.

The 4th of July definitely makes my top three list for best holidays of the year, and is undeniably the best day of summer, but what is it about Independence Day that makes it so special?