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Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March 13. Good news, we get one more hour of sunshine. Bad news, you lose an hour of sleep. This time change also means that spring is on the way...March 20, 2016 to be exact. 

Daylight Savings Time (DST) started after the first world war. By the mid 1960s (good times), the President, Lyndon Johnson. signed the law that stated when DST would being and end. It used to start on the final Sunday in April and last until the last Sunday in October. But in 2007, President Bush signed a new law that made DST start in March instead of April. More daylight!  Actually, DST takes up just about 65% of the calendar. I still miss that hour of sleep. 

Hawaii and Arizona opted out of DST (well, except for the Navajo Indian territories in AZ). They don't change their clocks. Neither do our friends in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands or Samao or Guam. 

Not to rain on your extra hour of sun but some studies indicate that the time change impacts your body and health. How? Well, there are mood swings, a slower memory and even worsening motor skills. A study done in Europe found that those who are night owls (musicians, artists, night auditors...to name a few) seem to really have a difficult time adjusting to time change. 

Some tips to help during the switch:
Move the clock up early in the evening and go to bed at your regular time. Yes, you are giving up an hour of your Saturday BUT you will stay on a sleep schedule and be good the next day. 
Don't hit that snooze button. Get up. Get out there and get some sunlight...and yes, you can have coffee first. Daylight cues your internal clock to stop producing the hormone that makes you sleepy. 
If you know you have issues adjusting to the time time than keep things a little less scheduled for the next few days. And, be extra alert when you are driving. Remember, it could be dark or darker when you leave for work or school. On the other side, it might be daylight when you get home. 

Polling suggest that many Americans really wish DST would just end. Does it really save energy and is it worth the hassle? There has been talk of ending DST but for now, it is here, so remember to set those clocks ahead. Then, set them back again on November 6, 2016.