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I recently posted, via our Facebook page, an invitation for others to write about their experiences on the Outer Banks and tell why it is so special to them. One of the emails I received is from a woman whos stays with a group of friends every September. 

If you are interested in sharing your love of the Outer Banks with us, or have some special tips or suggestions...please email be at J@VROBX.com. If we use your blog post here, we will send you a gift certificate to a local restaurant or shop (we choose), or a $100 gift certificate good towards any stay in a Village Realty vacation home. 

"Not sure where to start as there are many things I love about the Outer Banks. For me it all starts with being somewhere that just seems to take away the worries and stress of everyday life. It is about the immediate sense of calm once my I first smell the salt air and once my feet first hit the sand. I have stayed in Nags Head on a few occasions previously but in September of 2011 I stayed with a group of ladies. I never meet them prior to this trip, but even so it felt like I was surrounded by long lost girlfriends. And each year we have met up in September for a week. 

My first stop after crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge is the Blue Moon Restaurant in Nags Head. This has always been the first stop since I first vacationed in the area back in 2009. There are so many good restaurants in the area, but Blue Moon Beach Grill has been a tradition since my first trip. Other places I like include Kill Devil Grill, Tortugas Lie, and The Black Pelican. As I said though there are many options besides the favorites I have listed and it is just a matter of picking a place and trying it out. For me vacation is about trying something new, something local, and something that I cannot back home. But food is only part of the Outer Banks vacation experience, as there are many things one can see/do.

I enjoyed my trip to the Wright Brothers National Memorial to take in some history. Walking through the various art galleries in Nags Head allows me to take in the artistic flavor of the area. Two of my favorite shops are Yellowhouse Art Gallery and Seagreen Gallery. Besides the art galleries there are so many other shops to browse and shop. I love shopping local and supporting those small businesses. There have been several occasions where I made purchases for those one of kind gifts. For the person who loves to fish, there are several piers you could choose from. I do not know the first thing about fishing but that has not stopped me for taking a walk out in the pier. Something about being above the ocean and seeing the shoreline from a different vantage point allows for a very calming moment. I tune out things and reflect. For something totally different, take a drive up to take a tour of the Corolla Wild Horses.

As I said, there is so many things to do/see as well as so many places to eat. But to be honest, there are three favorite activities that I do each and every vacation (weather permitting of course). These three activities are simple and brings me back to the reason why I vacation here. It brings me the sense of calm from a busy life and allows me to center myself. Sunrise, beach, and sunset. Getting up early watching the sunrise, spending the day at the beach without a care in the world, and wrapping up your night watching the sunset. There is nothing better."  written by Lidia M.