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Cats, Dogs, Love.

One of the things that stands out to me, as a long time (most of my life) resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is that not only do we love our own pets, but we have organizations here that work actively to protect, care for and promote adoption of cats and dogs on the OBX.  

I will start with the Outer Banks SPCA in Manteo; their goal is "To provide protection and care for animals and promote a humane community in the Outer Banks for residents and visitors." Yes, some visitors do leave the beach with a new four-legged family member. There are many locals who volunteer here every day, feeding, cleaning and providing love and care for abandoned animals, strays and pets who had to be surrendered due to illness in the family, death of an owner or other reasons. I am amazed by their patience and dedication. There are many cats and dogs who are "fostered" until they are old enough or well enough to be taken back to the shelter or they get adopted. And, happily, many of these kind foster parents end up keeping the cats or dogs they have been caring for. All adoptable pets are spayed or neutered and their shots are up to date. They are micro-chipped and adoptions include registration, a vet visit and more. In fact, that is how we got our cat, Nutmeg. One day my grandson came home, with a cage in his hand...and a big smile on his face. And we love her so much. 

Visit the SPCA Facebook page...see lots of adorable dogs and cats. 

The SPCA received some very good news recently. The Outer Banks Community Foundation has given them a significant grant to help replace some of the cages in the shelter. So now, while the kittens and cats are waiting for their forever homes, they will be able to wait in style. 

Next is Feline Hope, which is our local "no-kill" shelter for cats. They believe that "...all cats are created equal and all deserve a chance for life. While saying that, we have learned that this is very difficult. It seems an impossible task to save them all. But everyone just has to keep on trying."  Staffed by volunteers, this community is very pro-active and offers monthly low coast and spay neuter clinics. Their shelter is a "free roaming" one, and cats are placed in a large area with cat walks, beds, toys and even kitty condos. Non-profit, All Volunteer, No Kill Organization dedicated to providing loving care, food and medical needs to homeless cats, strays and abandoned felines. One of their goals is to enable owners to keep their pets. Feline Hope is a big supporter of TNR; Trap, Neuter (Vaccinate) Return and Manage the Colonies. Many vets here work with Feline Hope so that they are able to offer discount services to the community. 

Visit the Feline Hope Facebook page.. 

Many of you know about Salty Paws Biscuits, made right here on the Outer Banks. They specialize in homemade dog treats. Salty Paws Biscuits are made with human grade ingredients and contain no added salt, byproducts, artificial flavorings or preservatives. We bake treats daily to ensure the freshness and quality that your pet deserves. Salty Paws Biscuits offers dog treats for all dogs - even those with special dietary needs such as diabetic, low fat, and allergy friendly. Our biscuits are available in various sizes and all the recipes have been "Lab Tested".  You can order online by emailing SaltyPawsBiscuits@Yahoo.com.  Mention Village Realty and get 15% off your order of 2 pounds or more. Shpiing charge is $7.50 flat rate. Visit the Facebook page. 

February is National Spay/Neuter Month. Just FYI. 



photos from the Outer Banks SPCA site and Feline Hope Facebook page. And from Salty Paws Biscuits