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Why You Should Book Your Vacation Early

Oceanfront Homes


Want your favorite place? You have to book early! Village Realty represents more than 600 vacation rental homes on the Outer Banks, a majority of which book a year in advance when the guests decide to use their "first dibs" for the coming year. So, not only are you up against repeat renters as you navigate your way to finding the perfect beach house, but thousands of vacationers the moment our homes become available to book. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up for our email alerts to be the first to hear about open weeks and special offers.

Vacation Countdown Clock


They say anticipation is half the fun, and many researchers have also proven that planning for vacation is one of the best parts of travel. So what are you waiting for? We all love counting down the days until our trip, but you can't feel certain about that until you actually have a house reserved! Enjoy this monumental occasion and lock down your rental home early and let the countdown begin.

Planning for Beach Vacation


Given your anticipation and planning, you'll be much more prepared. Prepared travelers who book in advance are 80% more likely to experience more on their vacations compared to those who arrive last minute (statistic is 100% made up by me, but it makes complete sense). You'll have time to sort out all your stops and activities and feel much more satisfied. Budgeters will also be pleased as it spaces out your initial payment and final payment for your rental home.

Beach Vacation Relax


Just like that "As Seen on TV" rotisserie cooker... you can "set it and forget it" (so to speak) when you book your vacation early. No sticky notes all over your desk at work, countless emails between relatives, or relentless reminders from your significant other. Make an effort to book your home early and you can daydream about the warm sunny OBX days without fretting because you'll have it all planned out!


What's Next...

Given the fact that you've stumbled upon this blog, it's apparent you're thinking about vacation, and are at some stage of planning a trip. There are a few recommended next steps, depending on where you are in the planning process.

Still searching for your perfect vacation destination?

Visit our "About the Outer Banks" page and our OBX Blog. They're chock full of information about the Outer Banks and you'll quickly discover why millions of families choose to visit year after year.

Haven't started looking for a place to stay? 

Click here to jump into an advanced search. Our 600+ vacation rental homes will load, then you can sort by just about any attribute and amenity imaginable.

Have last minute questions or need to close the deal?

Give one of our knowledgeable vacation specialists a call today at . They'll be able to answer any remaining questions you have or help you find the perfect home for your needs!

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to seeing you at the beach!

-Robert Kissell