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So, what IS winter like on the Outer Banks?

Although it does not feel like winter here on the Outer Banks, as I write this on December 14...in fact it will BE winter on the 22nd. We have had temps in the mid 60's and low 70's for about a week. Very mild, very nice. It often does not get cold here until January or February and many locals are still wearing shorts and flip-flops. Some wear them all year long. 

There are so many activities going on right not, most related to the upcoming holidays. And while I have seen more "Closed for the Season" signs going up, there are still many places to eat and to shop. And this is also a great time to go fishing, to see dolphin and even a whale or two. I try to stop by the beach almost every morning on my way to work, just to look and then take some photos for our Facebook page. It is a very nice way to start the day. 

You might be surprised by how many people come here over the holidays. Owners of vacation homes, couples, families with kids out of school for the holidays, newlyweds and family and friends of locals. Hotel rates and vacation home rates are so much lower and usually the weather is still nice. And yes, they put Christmas trees at the house they rent (or own).  Very laid back. 

There have been quite a few "Santa sightings" all over the beach and Manteo. And if you want to get in the holiday spirit, while you are here, make sure you stop in to see the Poulos Family Christmas Lights in Kill Devil Hills. This home has been featured on the Today Show and on  HGTV. It takes the family 12 weeks to get all the lights and decorations in place. The lights stay up through December 31st. Then there is the WinterLights event at the Elizabethan Gardens, another spectacular display of lights, sounds and decorations. Beautiful. 

So, what do we do when the holidays are over? Well, we work, of course. It is a busy time for us right now...getting ready for the 2016 season. Taking reservations, working with new homeowners, winterizing some homes, marketing, advertising, wrapping up our annual photo contest and a lot more. 

And it is time to reconnect with other locals who have also been too busy, and too tired, to socialize during the summer. The season seems to get longer every year and this nice weather is certainly a part of that. We will be getting lots of check-ins starting this weekend for the Christmas guests...whether they are staying for a week or a few days. 

Beach walks, gorgeous sunsets, almost no traffic on the Beach Road, and favorite restaurants that are open! I have plans to visit several over the next few months. 

Until Next Time, I am

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