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I Wish...

Here my OBX wishes...

  • I wish there were NO cigarette butts on the beach...or anywhere else for that matter 
  • I wish people walking on the Beach Road from Nags Head to Kitty Hawk would walk FACING traffic
  • I wish Ten-O-Six delivered lunch because I love their food
  • I wish everyone would obey the rules and not get near the Corolla Wild Horses. If happen to wander close to you...YOU move. 
  • I wish The Galleon Esplande was still here
  • I wish we had a bridge to the Corolla area
  • I wish everyone ate at locally owned restaurants, not chains. Sorry, but with so many wonderful family owned restaurants here there is no reason to eat at a chain eatery. 
  • I wish visitors could spend at least a week or two here in the "Off Season" and experience just how wonderful it is
  • I wish everyone respected and listened to our lifeguards and obeyed the No Swimming Rules when Red Flags are up
  • I wish locals and visitors would their little spot on the beach a little cleaner than they found it
  • I wish that everyone would take a taxi home, or have designated driver, when they are drinking
  • I wish everyone was NICE to their servers at restaurants
  • I wish everyone was polite to those working in the service industry and in retail. Being kind and nice costs nothing
  • I wish everyone realized how fortunate we are to live and vacation here and  just how beautiful and serene and magical our OBX is
  • I wish visitors realized how much we honestly appreciate that they are here. 
  • I wish visitors could spend two week here...the first week to destress and the next week to just relax. 
  • I wish locals, some locals, were a little more tolerant and patient during the summer. 
  • I wish everyone used sunscreen. 
  • I wish there were no people wearing t-shirts in extremely poor taste...you know the ones
  • I wish our fishermen were more appreciated. Hard work. Dangerous work. 
  • I wish I would finish this post...so I will

Until Next Time, I am 

Your Outer Banks Blogger