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August by Ima Local

Whew...August is here. One thing those of us who live here know for sure is that summer creeps in and then flies by. Really fast. Probably just like your vacation week seems to you.  From mid July to mid August, we are either at 100% occupancy or very close to it. So are other companies (we keep tabs!).  And, the season seems to be getting longer each year as more and more visitors realize just how wonderful September and October are here on the Outer Banks. 

So, if you have already been to the OBX this year, thank you for choosing to spend your hard earned money here, we appreciate it. We are happy to share our little bit of paradise with you. If you will be here soon, great!  Lots of great weather ahead, seafood, music, sunrises, sunsets and memories to be made. 

If you are already back home, look through those cameras and smart phones and see if you have some photos you want to enter in our annual Outer Banks Photo Contest. We are not looking for professional, staged, slick photos. We want the photos you took of you and your family and friends enjoying their time on the Outer Banks. There are lots of categories, including one for the four-legged family members, wildlife, artistic, the beach and others. Enter as many  photos as you like, from any year. Read all about it and enter at  http://soci.ly/jXY.

OK, back to August. This is arguably the most stressful month for locals (yep, we have stress too!). Why? Well, many of the workforce is comprised of high school students, college bound people and teachers. They are all going to be going "back to school" about the middle of the month and that can leave many places a little short-handed. So wait staff has to pick up extra shifts, housekeepers too...and shop owners may be putting in longer hours. But, we all know this and know we will deal with it. Just a small price to pay for living here. 

So, if your server takes a little longer to get your meal to you or the cashier at the register is backed up...patience, grasshopper. All will be well. You are on vacation. No hurries, no worries. 

While we may be in the last "official" full month of summer (last day is September 23rd), there is still lots going on here. One event we recommend you get to is the Annual New World Festival of the Arts, an outdoor art show on the Manteo waterfront. This year the dates are Wednesday, August 12th and Thursday, August 13th. The show is free and open to the public and starts and 10 am both days. 

A request, before I forget. Several towns have already adopted ordinances that nothing can be left on the beach when you leave (except footprints). Right now the lifeguards are putting yellow tags on items left for those who intend to come back to the same spot the next morning. Tents, chairs, canopies...anything...take it with you please, please please. Reasons: those canopies and tent structures can be knocked down by the wind or waves and become dangerous. It is unsightly, especially for those many photographers, professional and amateur, who come to get sunrise photos each morning. People walking on the beach at night can step on items left and get hurt. And really, the beach is for everyone...and it is not polite to just stake out one spot and think you can claim it as yours for the week. Get to the beach early, set up and relax, play, all day. Then get that gear back to the house when you leave. 

And one more thing, please do not dig deep holes on the beach. Dangerous! If your kids want to dig a little, that is perfectly fine but keep in mind that sand collapses.  No digging past a a few inches. And cover up those holes before you leave the beach. Sea turtles can get trapped in them and beach walkers can fall in them. 

We have added quite a few Village VIP Partners this year, so please check them out at www.VillageVIPS.com. New restaurants, things to do, wine shops, air tours, even fitness and yoga. Pick up your blue VIP card at your check in office or use the app on your smart phone. Once you have a confirmed reservation, the blue KEY TAG shows up and you can show that to merchants. 

For IOS phones, search Village Realty OBX in the App Store. Look for the navy blue one. 

For Droid users, go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gladtohaveyou.vrobx

The app is free and you can have it on your iPad, your iPhone, your droid, your tablet, your mini, even your iwatch! Download it, play around with it, come up with cool ideas, places to eat, things to look for.  

Until Next Time, 

Your Outer Banks Blogger






Photography by Julie Dressler from Clarksville, VA  

Jewelry Handcrafted from vintage silver coins by Jessie and Dan Driscoll from Woodstock, NY. 

Steampunk sculptures by Cyndi Buell from Wilmington, NC 

Carolina Cotton and other paintings by Laura Frye from Washington, NC