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When You Live By The Beach

How many times have you been somewhere on vacation and thought "I want to LIVE here all the time"? Mountains, tropical island, countryside or the beach...everyone has nice memories of past vacations. 

When you live year 'round in a vacation place, you have a different perspective on things than visitors do, especially after you have been there a long time and are truly a "local".  I am not sure what the criteria is to be considered an Outer Banks Local, I have heard both 10 years and 20 years and you have to be here winters too.  I think I am safe, I have been here since 1972.  So, here are some thoughts and opinions...mostly mine, some from others about what we feel and think about living by the beach, on an island, all the time. 

It really does not matter how much you make, where you live on the Outer Banks, if you are rich, poor, black, white, Asian, fat, old, young, straight, gay, eccentric,  whatever...we don't care. Live and let live, and it is none of my business who you keep company with, what you wear or if you are employed or not. I have been to social events where people were in formal wear and other people had jeans and flip flops on.  Whatever. For the most part we are pretty laid back. Life is too short, we live in a beautiful place and can have fresh seafood all the time...see the ocean whenever we want and live amongst like minded people. 

I must admit that sometimes I do feel just a little bit, oh what is the word, self-satisfied when I realize I am living somewhere that many people come to visit each year. They are here for a week or two, I get to stay. That is nice

Clothes. Yes, we wear them. Flip flops, sandals, shorts, t-shirts, mostly beach wear but not always. Some people do wear ties on occasion (court, funerals, weddings, job interview) but you will not see a lot of them. I guarantee you there are grown men here who do not own a pair of long pants. In other words, casual and comfortable. 

We love the ocean. We respect the ocean. We want everyone to feel the same. When I see cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and other trash on the beach I get angry. Our motto is "Leave only footprints". I always carry a bag with me so I can pick up trash while I am walking the beach. Leave it cleaner than you find it....please.

We take the weather seriously. We don't panic over hurricane warnings...we know what to do. If you happen to be here and there is a mandatory evacuation, please listen to your vacation rental management company or the local officials. Pay no mind to the media...they blow it all out of proportion. 

Fall and winter are wonderful here on the OBX. If you have not been here in October or November, try to do that. 

We don't want to  hear that someone likes another beach better than ours. We take it personally. Obviously they are mistaken and must be corrected immediately. Visual aids and field trips are OK. 

If  you are worried, sad, depressed, anxious or all of those emotions...head to the beach. Go early and catch a sunrise. Just sit there and watch the waves. Relax, breathe. You will feel better. 

Lots of people have left the Outer Banks, only to come back. This includes many of our children who went to college, graduated and now live here full time with their families. OK, you might leave...for a while, but you are going to come back. They always do. This is a special place for special people. 

Artists...we have them. Lots of them. Painters, potters, photographers...they flock here and stay here. We are glad of this. Artists fit right in. 

Our seafood. Is soooo good. Fresh, locally caught and cooked  just right. I cannot order seafood when I go out of town...can't do it. It does not taste right. 

Sitting on the beach for hours, reading, talking, drinking cold drinks or doing nothing is not considered wasting time. Ever.

The views here. Sunrise, Sunsets. The Beach. The Soundfront. Lighthouses. So much beauty. I never take it for granted. 

The sound of the ocean waves, there is nothing better. 

A sincere thank you to everyone who visits the Outer Banks. We appreciate it. Please come back just as often as you can. 

Until Next Time,

Your Outer Banks Blogger

Thanks to Darren and Erik, best friends since they were 5 years old, for letting me  use this photo. 

And when you are ready to buy the beach house, please give us a call. All of our real estate brokers live here year 'round, some are natives of the Outer Banks and they all love what they do. Thanks.