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Not a Lecture...Just some Requests...and Some Tips.

Well, summer is officially here now according to the calendar. Hot days, lots of sun, ocean waves, seafood, ice cream and happy families. That is how it should be. We want you to be happy and we want you to be safe while here. So while this is not an exciting blog post...I hope you read it. In random order because that is how my brain works: 

Please, not matter where you are, walk FACING traffic. Especially when you are on the Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head Head and Kitty Hawk. You need to be able to see the cars coming, and you need to walk single file. If it is dark, please carry a flashlight with you. 

Please, when you need to cross the street, at a MARKED CROSSWALK, make sure that the cars on both sides have stopped before you start crossing. Yes, I know it is the law but often, the driver does not see you waiting there...that happened to me this morning. Step up...not out...wait...wait a little more...some people are not paying attention or are distracted or just don't see  you...so wait. And try to cross at the actual crosswalks...easy to spot with those yellow signs. 

Use that sunscreen...even on cloudy days. You know why. 

Swim near a lifeguard and do not take your eyes off your kids, not for a second. Pay attention to the lifeguards. Look for flags...there may be riptides and you are now allowed in the water. 

Driving...can be a little scary in the summer when so many people are here and a lot of them truly have no idea where they are going and they are excited and the kids are jumping up and down and the dog is barking...you get the picture. Ask a local for directions...and consider taking the Beach Road when you can. 

Any time you are taking a large group out to dinner it is always a good idea to let the restaurant know ahead of time. Some take reservations, many do not but they can at least let you know best time to come and can give the kitchen a heads up. 

Ask locals for their favorite places to eat...we know some restaurants that you may not  have heard of yet. We will share. 

If you are hoping to drive on the beach, know what to do and where and when you can do it.  Here you Go. 

If you absolutely love the beach house you rented this summer, you might want to go ahead and see if you can tentatively reserve it for same week next year. Ask your vacation rental company. 

Know the physical address of the beach house you are renting. In case of emergency you will need to give this to the dispatcher. 

There are many, many activities and attractions on the Outer Banks. Lots of history, maybe the kids can learn something while here and not even know it. There are day camps and programs for all ages...and all interests.   

Wear shoes when you go to the beach. The sand gets HOT. Really hot. When it is too hot for even the beach or you want to do something else, you have many choices. There are very nice art galleries here so you can soak up some culture while on vacation. We even have a brand new distillery here. Outer Banks Distilling offers rum tastings and tours on site. I am planning on doing this over the winter.  Tours are $5 and you have to be 21 or older. Visit the website

Please pick up your trash when you leave the beach or the soundside. 

Try something really fun and different, get your hair braided/cornrowed, get a temporary tattoo or some feather extensions in your hair. Go on, you are on vacation. Life On A Sandbar has two locations, one in Nags Head and one in Corolla. It is  not expensive. Take photos! www.LifeOnASandbar.com

Meet a Wild Mustang, yes, one of those!  Fridays at the Corolla Wildlife Museum. Free event but your donations are very welcome. 

Consider eating lunch out instead of dinner. It will not cost as much, not be as crowded and you may even have left-overs. 

Check EVENTS pages on website for free events and things to do. Sometimes these pop up at the last minute....like the one I added this morning.  This Sunday, June 28, Nu-Blu wil be giving a free concert at The Lost Colony. Starting at 7:30 pm. Family friendly and Free. Donations accepted and will benefit the Room at the Inn and the Dare County Arts Council. 

On Wednesdays, take the kids to Monkey Business in Kill Devil Hills. That is Kids Day, 10 am to 2 pm. Free activities, snacks and music. Yes, free. 

The Road to Mustang Series happens at Mike Dianna's Grill in Corolla. Eat first, the food is wonderful. www.GrillRoomOBX.com

  • Wednesday, June 24 ~ Soul House Revival. Start time is 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday, July 1 ~ Jamie Kent. Start time is 10:00 pm
  • Thursday, July 9 ~ Major and the Monbacks. Start time is 10:00 pm
  • Sunday, July 19 ~ Seth Stainback and Roosterfoot. Start time is 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday, August 4 ~ The London Souls. Start time is 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 19 ~ Soul House Revival. Start time is 10:00 pm

There are lots more events, things to do...and we will talk about those next time. 

photo courtesy of OBX Skim Camps Facebook page