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Small Town, Small World, Great Food, Love Where I Live

My best friend came to visit the Outer Banks last weekend. She has been living in California for the past 40  years and just moved to Greenville, SC for her job. She had not been to the Outer Banks since the last time she visited me, five years ago. So, we talked, we shopped and we ate. Cathy had never been to Owen's Restaurant so I told her we had to go...it is a must for anyone visiting the OBX. 

We got there early, because this is one of the very best and most popular places to eat here. First person we saw was Neil Harris, who I used to work with at the Galleon Esplanade and who now runs the gift shop at Owen's. Hugs and kisses and "how are you's' accomplished, Cathy started shopping right away. Neil and I chatted away. 

I met and said HEY to Peaches, one of the members of the Owen's family, and we sat down. Cody, out wait person (who was very cute) came over right away and brought us our crock of cheese and crackers and we talked. He is a pro-surfer and turns out he grew up very near the town where my friend lived in CA. Small world. Did I mention that he was quite cute?  Next comes hush puppies and rolls, then crab dip. Cathy said that she had been dying for good crab and that California seafood was nothing like we got here. Cody agreed. We ate. 

Next comes the broiled seafood platter, Hatteras platter or something like that. Crab, shrimp, scallops, best mashed potatoes ever, green beans. We were full but my friend had to have a creme brule and said it was the best one she ever  had.  I was almost in a food coma but I agreed. You just cannot find a better place to eat on the Outer Banks. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is casual and very friendly and welcoming. 

Owen's has been here and run by the same family for 69 years. And my guess is that if you asked any local for their recommendations for restaurants here, Owen's would be on each list. 

Full and happy we headed back to the gift shop, made our purchases and said good-bye. Cathy said that was one of the best meals she had ever had. And that, my friends, is what anyone who has eaten here will say. So make it a point, please, of eating dinner here one night. Even if you are in Corolla or Hatteras, make the trip, it is worth it. 

So much food that I could not eat it all so favorite husband was very happy. I am going back soon. 5+ Stars. So unique, full of Outer Banks memorabilia. Nice people. Excellent service, Friendly. Food is wonderful and you will have a meal to remember with friends and family.