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OBX Vacation Tips

Here are some tips that hopefully will be helpful during your next visit to the Outer Banks. If you have any tips you want to share, please post them on our Facebook page or email to me at J@VROBX.com

Plan ahead...just don't plan too much. You don't want so strict a schedule of places to go, where to eat and what to do that it stresses you out. This is your vacation...rest, relax and repeat.  Do some research and find out where you simply MUST eat one night or, another idea, have lunch there since it will be less expensive. 

Check Facebook pages and Yelp or tripadvisor reviews for unbiased and honest comments on places travelers have visited. 

At the beach! Time to go home but your feet are all sandy...bring some baby powder with you. When it's time to get in the car or walk back to your beach home just sprinkle some powder on your feet and the sand falls off. 

If you  have really little ones with you at the beach, take along an inflatable baby pool. Blow it up and fill with ocean water. The babies will love it!  

Jellyfish are just a fact of life on the beach. Get a small spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. If anyone gets stung, the vinegar will take the sting out.

Get to the beach early if possible. Before the sun gets too hot and before more people start getting there. Use sunscreen, please. Most of the current sunscreens on the market are water resistant for at least 60 minutes but don't forget to reapply after you or the kids have been in the ocean or the pool. Spray the sunscreen in the same direction as the wind so it actually gets on your childs body.

Bring wet wipes, the anti-bacterial kind. Wipe hands before lunch or snacks (sand does not taste or feel good in your mouth) and even wipe off the beach toys before you leave the beach. And, just in case someone steps on a shell or gets a cut, you can use them quickly to prevent infection

Many homes provide a rolling beach cart. Many do not. They are wonderful and hold quite a lot and leave one hand free to grab those kids! You can rent one from Ocean Atlantic Rentals. Well worth it. And you can also rent a beach umbrella from them. 

Pack your cell phone in a zip-lock bag. No sand and no water will get on it or in it. Bring a larger plastic bag for those shells and beach glass you find. Please don't bring home any shells with living creatures inside them. Bring one more bag for trash. Leave only footprints when you leave the beach 

Bring water instead of soft drinks. It will keep you hydrated better. Food, gotta eat! Finger food, fruits, snacks. Small containers work better than one big one. Freeze a few bottles of water and they will help keep food cold. 

Bring sand buckets. One for each child. 

Watch your children. Every minute. Swim near the lifeguards. Obey red flags and warning. 

Here is a unique idea...give each of your older children a disposable camera. They can take photos of anything they want. Then they will have their own memories to save. 

Another idea. Take shoe box or a plastic box to the beach. Put some clean sand in it and spread it out. Then ask the kids to find some shells and use those to make a sandbox, a Zen sandbox. They can rearrange, start over and add more shells or whatever they want. It sill keep them occupied for a while. 

Please please please if you dig big holes in the sand, be careful. Do NOT let anyone dig so deep that the sand could collapse or fall over them. And also please cover the hole back up before you leave. Lots of visitors walk the beach at night and if they fell in one, they could get hurt. 

So. Fun, Sunsreen. Safety. Family. 

Until Next Time, 

Your Outer Banks Blogger