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In the Olden Days...Part 2

Part 2 of the "Remember When" or "Did you Know That..." 

Back in the day there was a place here called 'The Rear View Mirror'. It was owned by George Crocker, of The Galleon Esplande and A Restaurant By George fame. The building itself was like nothing we had seen here, with artwork on the outside, (I think it is called relief?) that was outstanding. Mr Crocker had a fantastic, creative mind and was way ahead of his time as far as marketing and business. While The Galleon and A Restaurant By George did very well, the car museum did not and for a while Mr Crocker sold furniture and antiques out of the building. It sat empty for a long time. Now it is a church. 

A Restaurant by George was THE place to go. Unique menus and the decor and atmosphere was like nothing we had seen here before. Lots of great fashions shows there, good meals and wonderful memories. There are many people here on the beach who worked for Mr. Crocker at one time or another...either at one of the shops at the Galleon or at the restaurant or The Cabana East Motel. He was a kind and generous and FUN man. A creative genius with a great sense of humor. 

Mr. Crocker was also one of the founding fathers of the Outer Banks Community Foundation, along with Andy Griffith, (yes, that Andy Griffith), David Stick and Eddie Green (owner of the Christmas Shop in Manteo).  

Speaking of restaurants, Plaza Azteca in Kill Devil Hills, was formerly a Golden Corral. Owned by Lacy McNeil, it was very popular for lunch and dinner. 

Atlantic, on the oceanfront in Nags Head. Wet t-shirt contests, dancing, It was formerly called Oz.  Live music.The Atlantis -- if walls could talk! Many locals are glad that is not the case. Dancing, fun times. I think OZ damaged during a storm/hurricane. Atlantis was quite the place to go for the younger crowd. Some band that became nationally famous played there in the 1980's. 

A lot of people who grew up here say they have such great memories of the Outer Banks. And a lot of kids who did grow up here and leave to go to college will come back to work and live. It is not a perfect place, we still have issues, but it is a wonderful place, in my opinion. Clean beaches, fresh air, wonderful people and a laid back attitude. 

If you want to see more old time photos and read old time memories, visit the Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook page on Facebook. It is a group, so you have to join, Tons of photos and comments. 

I am going to stay. 

Until Next Time, 

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George Crocker and Jude Leblanc working on the outside wall of The Rear View Mirror car museum. By Walter V Gresham III. Found on Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook
Jude LeBlanc working on part of the relief that would adorn the outside wall of The Rear View Mirror car museum. By Walter Gresham III 
1977.George Crocker at A Restaurant By George. Photo by Ken Strayhorn
Car museum exterior. Photo by Ken Strayhorn
Galleon photos by Melody Leckie and Lynn McAlteer