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I am kind of afraid of heights

I have a confession to make, but you can’t tell anyone. I am mildly afraid of heights. Not scream in terror standing on a deck, scared, just sort of a tightening of the stomach, field of vision narrows, sort of scared.  So when a friend of mine called me last spring and asked me if I would like to go parasailing with her company for a couple of training flights with her new staff, it was with a little trepidation that I accepted.

We arrived at the dock for our adventure one afternoon, my wife, my two daughters and me, to go parasailing high over the Roanoke Sound. Our friend greeted us on the dock and helped us get our things onto the boat. We were to be the test subjects for the new deckhands that were to be working the boat for the summer. We were to act like any other visitor to the Outer Banks. We listened to the safety speech and were told that we could go up to 600’, 900’ or 1200’ and that as many as 3 of us could go at a time, provided we met the weight requirements. We decided that each of the parents would fly with one of the girls, so that each of us got to go with someone. Guess who got to go first. 

One thing I have learned about parenting two pre-teen daughters, never show fear, or you will never hear the end of it. Nothing is funnier than when something happens to Dad. So we were strapped into our harness and after watching the staff deploy the enormous chute, it was time for us to launch. 

“Just sit back into the harness” the mate yelled.  I heard the roar of the engines and suddenly we were aloft. I could hear the whine of the reel as it spun out line and the boat pulled away from us as we magically seemed to be stationary, suspended over the water. As the sound of the engine began to fade, we started to float up into the air, my daughter looked over at me with a HUGE smile and said “Wow Daddy, this is amazing!”

Truly, this was a really cool experience. Other than my pounding heart, it suddenly started to get very quiet, the engine noise quickly faded as I relaxed and was able to appreciate the amazing view that unfolded in front of us. The only thing I could hear all of a sudden was the wind. I think it may have been the longest my youngest daughter has ever been quiet.

We soared up to 1200’ and rode the wind for what seemed like a very long time, I played tour director and pointed out all of the notable landmarks to my daughter, including the itty-bitty boat between our feet that moments before we had been standing on. The sights were so amazing, I forgot all about my anxiety. Soon enough the boat began to get larger and I could hear the engine again. The line kept winding in and the next thing I knew, we were standing on the back deck of the boat. All I could say was WOW! If you would like to try an Outer Banks parasailing adventure give me a call and I will happily assist you with all of the planning.

My goal is to share with you information and planning assistance for anything you want for your Outer Banks vacation, and if I don’t know something, I will find out for you. Don’t hesitate to ask me about anything and feel free to call me from 10am-8pm daily or email me at VIP@vrobx.com anytime! 

Ben Murry

Village VIP Services 


Ben is an Outer Banks local who, like me, has been here a long time...seen a lot, done a lot, knows a lot of people. He is very user friendly and helpful and will be helping us to continue to grow our VIP services and options for Village Realty guests.