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Many times as I travel to and fro on the Beach Road (which I almost always take) I am reminded of "what that building used to be".  I am sure I have forgotten many of them but here are some fun facts about places on the Outer Banks.

  • Tortugas Restaurant in Nags Head used to be Gandolphs. It has been a while but I do remember going to lunch there when I was working at the Galleon Esplanade
  • Chili Peppers Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills was formerly Newby's Sub Shop
  • Dirty Dicks Crab House used to be Slammin' Sammys restaurant but before that it was Sweetwaters Restaurant. That was a fun place to go after work for drinks and appetizers.
  • The Fish House Restaurant was a great place to get clam chowder. It occupied the building that Mama Kwan's is in now
  • Ocean Boulevard Martina Bar in Kitty Hawk is a great place to do for fine dining. It used to Virginia Dare Hardware!  I remember. 
  • Another one of my favorite places to eat is Goombay's Grille on the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk. Before it was Goombays, it was the Whaling Station. 
  • A whale skeleton washed up near Oregon Inlet in 1927.  Midgett's Filling Station had it on display in the 1930's and that is when that area became known as Whalebone Junction. 
  • There used to be an ice plant across from downtown Manteo.  That area is now known as Ice Plant Island and is the home of the Elizabath II
  • In 1979, John Denver was here and was photographed in the Wright Flyer replica. 
  • There was a popular attraction here called The Ghost Ship which featured scary pirates and sailors.  The Ghost Ship was located off of US158 in Nags Head. It was destroyed by fire in 1989.  A Dairy Queen sits there now
  • Pamlico Jack's in Nags Head used to the the Elegant Pelican, then Penguin Isle before it became Pamlico Jacks. 
  • We used to have our own roller rink here!  It was at the Nags Head Recreation Center. 
  • Jockey's Ridge Restaurant was on the Beach Road in front of the dunes. The photo is from from 1956. Gone now. There was a custom of putting pennies in the ceiling. 
  • Thumpers Grill on the Beach Road in Nags Head used to be known as Beach Grill but before that it was where Mulligans Restaurant started out. In my mind I will always think of that place as Miller's Pharmacy where you could get soda fountain drinks, sandwiches and the best customer service. Bobby Miller ran it and was the type of person who would deliver prescriptions to you if you were too sick to come out. 

Good time and great memories. Lots more but this is enough for today. 

Until next time,

Your Outer Banks Blogger