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More Tips...and some requests...from the Locals

Well, summer, while not here yet on the actual calendar, is certainly here in spirit. Lots of people hopefully having great vacations on the Outer Banks.  The last list of tips we posted here went over pretty well so I asked around and got some more to share. And without further ado, here they are:

  • Take baby powder with you to the beach. When ready to leave. sprinkle some on your legs and feet. Sand comes right off
  • Please, if you or your kids dig holes in the sand, cover them up before you leave.  Lots of people walk on the beach at night and could fall in to them and break a foot, ankle or leg
  • If you are staying in Corolla, and have rented a tent or canopy, Take It Down before you leave the beach for the day. Corolla has gotten very strict about this and will remove the tent if you don't. Then you have to pay for it. 
  • If you are bringing your pet to the beach remember that sand can scorch sensitive paws so have a blanket or a towels for your dog to relax on. 
  • And just like for the kids, if your dog digs holes, please cover them up before you leave the beach
  • Did you realize that your pet, especially those with light colored fur, close haircuts, pink noses and hairless breeds can get sunburned?  They can. But there are sunscreens made just for dogs so check that out before you head for the beach
  • It can get hot, even on the beach, so put a damp washcloth into a Ziploc bag and throw it in the cooler. Great refresher. Pack a few. 
  • Help your kids make a ZEN sandbox. It is easy and fun. Take a sturdy box, like a shoebox, to the beach. Put some clean sand in it and get the little ones to spread it out evenly. They can then collect shells and other beach treasures to make a garden. No need to water, they can rearrange all they want and take home with them. 
  • Enter the Village Realty 2014 Outer Banks Photo and Video Contest. Make a funny commercial for Village Realty using your smart phone. Send in those photos. You could win a week at the beach in a VROBX vacation home. www.OBXPhotoContest.com
  • If you receive great service or someone goes out of their way to be helpful during your stay, drop them a line in an email or post something on their Facebook page. It is most certainly appreciated and it will make you feel good too.