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It's All About Myers

I have asked some (quite a few) of my fellow Village Realty People to tell me a little about themselves. How they got to the Outer Banks, how they got to Village Realty, what they do, etc. So, first in the series of "It's All About You" is Myers Fuller.

I am one of the few people at Village Realty that has lived on the Outer Banks my entire life.  I first started working for Village Realty in 2003 as a Pool and Spa Technician. I returned to the Village Realty in the rental department in 2011. Since then, I have worked in both rental offices and the maintenance department. Now I am currently in the Association Management Department.

Where did you move here from: I have been here almost my entire life, but there were four and a half years that I went to school at the North Carolina State University. Go Pack!

Why did you move here: I came back to the Outer Banks because I graduated from school and was searching for a job.  It was cheaper to live with my parents and look for a job instead of paying rent in Raleigh.  I couldn’t think of a better place to live.

Anything you want to share like your background, school, likes, etc: The Outer Banks is such a great place.  There are tons of different activities to do, great food, supportive community, and great scenery.  Since I have been here almost my entire life, I think about moving somewhere different every once and a while, but then I am reminded that it would be hard to live in a place as great as Nags Head.

I have had a goal this year and it is to try to be more “touristy”.  There are a ton of different activities to do around here and locals don’t take advantage of them during the warmer months.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I made it to the top of Jockey’s Ridge for fun,

What you DO at VR: I started working in Pools and Spas.  Returned to Village Realty to work in the Rental Department, my next stop was the Maintenance Department, and now I just started a position in our Association Management department.  My official title is Assistant Association Manager.

Family, etc.: My family has always had roots in the area.  My Mom is from Virginia Beach, VA and my father is from Ahoskie, NC.  I have two sisters.  One is a nurse at the Outer Banks Hospital and the other sister is a freshman at N.C. State University.  I also have a puppy that won’t stop growing.  He is a 2 year old mutt who is pushing 110lbs+.  He is really spoiled and loves the beach.

Why you LIKE working here: I know this is corny, but it is like one big family.  Everyone is friends with each other, and we all support each other.  Village Realty also strives to make the community better.  It is great working for a company where everyone likes each other and they give back to the community in amazing ways.