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The Stinson Cottage

I just learned that we are now managing The Stinson Ranch in Nags Head. This resurrected structure is a duplicate of the original "Stinson's Ranch" which was destroyed by Hurricane Irene in August of 2011. Since 1963 it had been owned by the Billy and Sandra Stinson who came to the home frequently, sometimes months at a time. This cottage is perched on pilings and rises up from the Roanoke Sound. The "old" Stinson Ranch was furnished with second hand furniture and found treasures. It had withstood storms and financial hard times but was held together by the family who shares a reverence for history and their love of this special place.

In 2006 Stinson's Ranch was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in North Carolina. It was listed as the Markham-Albertson-Stinson Cottage and was named for those families who had owned it for the longest periods of time. There is a paper trail for the original home dating back to 1903.

The new home features a panoramic 180 degree view of the water, sky, birds, boats, unbelievable sun and moon sets and anything else that might venture by. The original structure was built the old Nags Head architectural style and the new "Ranch" has the same familiar feeling offering comfort and charm.

You will actually be staying right over the water...take a look at the photos.

It has not been furnished yet so I cannot show you what the interior looks like but here is a link to the web page for this home if you would like more information;

Our State Magazine writer Marimar McNaughton had a great article published just before Hurricane Irene hit the Outer Banks. Here is a link to that story: http://www.ourstate.com/stinsons-ranch/

I am looking forward to seeing the completed project and happy that this family was able to rebuild.

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