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North Carolina Style BBQ

Eastern North Carolina BBQ is vinegar based and blended with varieties of spices...depending on which restaurant or roadside BBQ joint you visit. It is the oldest style of BBQ in the nation There are several excellent places to get BBQ here on the Outer Banks...including Pigmans,High Cotton, Sooey's and Corolla Village BBQ. Today I am writing about Pigman's...because I really like it, they are a Village Realty VIP partner (our guests get a discount there) and it was the first place on my list.

Here is some information that I gathered from their website: www.Pigman.com

Pork BBQ (my favorite)...this is "authentic" NC BBQ. It is slow cooked and then mixed with a vinegar based sauce. Delicious. The sauce is a little tangy due to the vinegar and the other secret ingredients...depending on the cook. The vinegar based sauce is popular in North Carolina and surrounding regions. Every sauce will have a unique taste depending on what seasonings and spices are added.

Beef BBQ is pulled and smoked beef brisket. Pigmans uses a ketchup based sauce for their beef BBQ and is it added during the last few minutes of prep time. This sauce is much sweeter than the vinegar based type. Often it will have molasses or brown sugar added. This is the type of sauce you will most likely find in the mid west, Kansas City, Texas and Memphis.

If you eat BBQ in South Carolina it will probably be mustard based. Spices, vinegar, mustard and maybe some brown sugar give this sauce a really unique taste.

I have also heard of an "Alabama White" sauce...which obviously you would find in that great southern state. Mayonnaise, pepper and spices go into this one. Sounds strange but I would give it a try. If I was in Alabama.

BBQ can either be chopped, hand pulled, minced or sliced. Pigmans serves ribs, chicken, turkey bbq (I have had it...great) and more.

When I think of BBQ I think of cole slaw and hush puppies. Aaahhh hush puppies...little fried spheres or balls or rings of fried dough. These can vary too. Some are sweet. Some have onion in them and are more savory. All go well with butter and maybe some honey. Hush puppies are not only served with BBQ...they go great with seafood too.

Made from cornmeal batter and then deep fried...they are very popular here on the Outer Banks and every restaurant that serves them has their own special recipe. Other ingredients could be flour, eggs, salt, baking soda, milk or buttermilk and/or water. Some of them have onion, garlic and even corn or peppers. The batter is mixed up really well and then dropped by spoonfuls into hot oil. Fry them until brown and crispy. and there you have it....hushpuppies.

It is a strange name to call a food...and the origin is uncertain but the first recorded reference to the word dates back to 1899. This delicacy has strong ties to the South and one legend is that during the Civil War, soldiers tossed fried cornbread to stop the barking of the Confederate dogs.

Another story is that hunters and fisherman or any cook who was frying some food and using cornmeal would toss the fried dough to camp dogs to "hush the puppies" during a cook out or a fish fry. However they came to be, I am glad. And now, I am hungry.

Until Next Time ,
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