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Sunburns, Redheads and The Beach

Because I have red hair I just cannot stay out in the sun very long. I have had sun poisoning before (not fun at all) and several bad sunburns. They hurt. However, being a redhead is not a bad thing although at one point in history the infamous witch-hunting manual, Malleus Maleficarum, instructed that red hair and green eyes were marks of a witch. So were freckles and most redheads have lots of those. In the United States only 2% of the population has red hair.
Common redhead stereotypes are: a bad temper, smart and eccentric, very sexy (hey--this does not sound too bad so far and untrustworthy (not true)...

Red hair is a genetic mutation. In the late 1990's it was discovered that we have a specific gene called the melanocortin 1 receptor, which is found on the 16th chromosome.

It Denmark it is considered a high honor to have a redheaded child

One legend in Poland is that if you pass three red-heads you will win the lottery!

The gene for red hair is recessive so someone with red hair can show up in the family tree many generations later. My half sister (same father/different mother) has beautiful red hair and my dad has black hair and my step-mother had brown hair.

Back in the last part of the 16th century the fat of a redheaded man was an essential ingredient in poison.

The rarest combination for a person to have is red hair and blue eyes (that is ME!). More commonly you will see a redhead with brown or green eyes.

I cannot speak for all redheads but I just do not tan. Now that we know tanning is really not healthy for you it makes it a little easier for me to show my white skin at the beach.

So, red head or not...wear sunscreen. The right kind for your skin. Apply it often. Take the kids to the beach in the early morning or late afternoon and avoid the peak time for UV rays..from 10 - 2. I hate seeing a baby or small child with a sunburn...it makes me mad.

Safety first. Enjoy your time here.

The Red Headed OBX woman/Your OBX Blogger