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Life in Carova

If you have visited Corolla, you know that the part of the Northern Outer Banks called Corolla begins at the Currituck County line and continues 13 miles to the end of the road. The road ends and then there is another part of Corolla - called "the four-wheel drive area", the "off-road area" or Carova that runs for another 11 miles up to the Virginia line. In fact, the name "Carova" is a contraction of Carolina and Virginia.

According to the tax roles, there are 186 hardly souls who make Carova their home. I am one of them. Why hardy, you ask? Well, I live one mile from the Virginia line. There's a fence at the Virginia line preventing one from going further north. There is no commercial activity allowed in the off-road area, so most needs are met by heading south to the paved road. In the summer that's means navigating through deep, dry sand while avoiding causing bodily injury to the beach-goers. Because the speed limit is 15 miles per hour when people are about, the 15 miles to the closest grocery store can take nearly an hour!

Driving on the sand is just terrible for a vehicle. If you take a ride up the beach, you will see two distinct types of vehicles. If the truck or SUV is not rusting away to nothing, it's definately a visitor! Those of us who live there drive junkers. It just doesn't pay to own a new vehicle because the beach will have it's way with it in no time at all.

So, why on earth would someone choose to live nearly an hour from the closest grocery store and commit to a lifetime of driving junkers? Because it's an awesome, beautiful place.

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