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Ghost Stories and other Spooky OBX stuff

We have heard of the many shipwrecks that have occurred off the NC coast...and there were quite a few...from a long time ago and then more recently (think Bermuda Triangle). But there are other mysteries and tales and lore of other unexplained comings and goings here. There is a community in Nags Head called Seven Sisters...around Milepost 14. Legend is that seven dunes appeared after seven African slaves were set free at the end of the Civil War. They wanted to return to their homeland so they packed up and disappeared one night. Not a trace of them. On the following day a big storm hit the area and left seven large dunes. The locals named the dunes after those seven women!

There are beach homes here that are said to be "haunted"...one that I remember sits right on the oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills. When I first moved here in 1972 I was told that the family was in the house on vacation (they owned it) and someone drowned...a child I think. The legend is that the family moved out right there and then, leaving food and dishes on the table...and never came back.

When I worked for another rental company about 15 years ago there was this one little house on the oceanfront in Kitty Hawk and the employees did not like to go in there...said too many noises and strange things.

I am sure you have heard of the Lost Colony Outdoor Drama, our famous play that is performed yearly on Roanoke Island for thousands of vacationers. Virginia Dare is known as the first English child born in the new world. The fate of the Lost Colony men, women and children is unknown (hence the name...) and we probably will never know what happened despite theories and conjecture. Legend does have it that Virginia Dare was changed into a white tail deer by a rejected lover who just happened to be a sorcerer and that she continues to live and play in the woods on Roanoke Island.

If you like spooky stuff and ghost stories there are some tours that you should take while here.

Ghost Tours of the Outer Banks claims it is "The Outer Banks' most memorable tour" and invites you to discover haunted Manteo. Want to hear about the sea captain who still haunts his birthplace or the ghosts in the surrounding woods? This tour is for your. They last about 90 minutes...easy walk and frequent stops along the way. These tours take place Wednesdays at 8:00 pm.

Reservations are required. Adults $13 $8 Children 10 & under. Visit the website at www.ghosttoursoftheobx.com. or call them at 252.573.1450

The Whalehead Club in Corolla offers two ghost tours...and one has a warning: "If your child is afraid of the dark or does not enjoy ghost stories, we DO NOT recommend this tour."

Moonlight Legend, Lore & Ghost Tours take place on Wed and Thurs nights, call for times.
$20.00 per person and for ages 9 or older. You begin on the grounds of the Whalehead Club and then continue inside where you hear about sightings of ghosts and sounds that have been witnessed by occupants and guests at this home. You will also hear about the research findings by the Coastal Paranormal Investigations group and Haunted North Carolina when they visited the Whalehead Club in 2009. *Please note: Participants are asked to bring a flashlight as this tour takes place in the dark both inside and outside the house. It is also recommended that guests be prepared with a light sweater or jacket and insect repellent. www.whaleheadclub.org/guided-tours

The other tour might be better if you have little ones with you...
Daylight Ghost Tour is available Monday- Friday at 3:00 pm for ages 6 and older

Ghosts, Pirates & Shipwrecks! This popular tour encompasses Outer Banks legend and lore with a focus on Historic Corolla Village and the Whalehead Club. Hear stories about famous shipwrecks such as the Metropolis, how they impacted the residents in Corolla, and the ghostly tales that the locals tell about lives lost from this wreck. This tour begins near the west end of the front lawn and continues toward the boat docks for a proper shipwreck story setting. From here your guide will lead you inside the Whalehead Club to share tales of ghosts seen and heard throughout areas of this marvelous house. www.whaleheadclub.org/guided-tours

How about some info on Victorian Death Rituals? The Island Farm in Manteo offers Evening Lantern Tours: Draped in Black; Victorian Death Rituals. Costumed interpreters will take you on a night time tour into the home of a grieving widow where you will see the peculiar ways that Victorian families mourned their loved ones. You will listen to stories about the former residents and then travel by lantern light to their final resting place in the family graveyard. This tour is not recommended by kids under 10 years old. Space is limited and reservations are required. They only happen during October so keep that in mind.

For now, that is it. I think it is enough. Let us know if you decide to take a trip into the spirit world here on the OBX... if you can.