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Dear Ima Local, Glad Tidings

Dear Ms. Ima, I just love the Outer Banks! We stayed there for the first time this year and rented a lovely vacation home in Kill Devil Hills; had a great time at Glad Tidings on Tanya Drive. Nice home and it was perfect for us...we need a big house and this one was just right. But I digress...my youngest son asked me why the town was named Kill Devil Hills and I just knew you would have the answer. Thank you, Mom of Five in Fredericksburg Dear Mom of Five,
First of all thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed your stay...we always like to hear that visitors to the OBX had a good time.

I agree that Glad Tidings is a nice home...my sister and her husband actually rented it last year for our family reunion and it had everything we needed.

About the name...there are a few versions or legends of how Kill Devil Hills got that name. One is blamed on the pirates who used to call these shores home. The story goes that a drunken lot of buccaneers were sitting on the sand dunes drinking moonshine that was "strong enough to kill the devil."

Another version is that in the 1700's a man named William Byrd, from Virginia, who most likely was not an admirer of the Carolinas, wrote that "most of the rum they get in the country comes from New England, and is so bad and unwholesome that it is not improperly called "Kill Devil."

Another legend has it that the name came from an old brand of rum that washed ashore at the dunes here, the only surviving cargo from a nameless shipwreck.

It is always funny when you are talking to someone on the phone and giving them your address...if they do not know the OBX they always pause when you say the town is "Kill Devil Hills" and you usually have to repeat it and sometimes even spell it and then explain where you live.

Until Next Time,
Your Outer Banks Blogger