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Manx on the Banx

Have you ever heard of the Manx Club? I hadn't either until one of my former co-workers told me it was a club for dune buggy enthusiasts/owners. Who knew? So of course there is a Manx on the Banx chapter here on the Outer Banks. From the website: "The club is open to dune buggy owners of all makes and models. The only requirement is that the buggy be street-legal. Our focus is to give the dune buggy owner a place to gather, share technical advice, kick tires, tell stories, and most of all have fun!" www.manxclub.com

There will be a Manx on the Banx event here next October, the week of the 8th through the 14th. Many people will be coming in for the full week while others will only stay 2 or 3 days.

From what I understand some members drive their dune buggies here but most transport them by van or trailer. I visited the local website and found some excellent photos that Vince (our local point of contact for this chapter) said I could use.

Although not all of their events for 2012 are set yet I know there are plans for beach driving trips in Carova again. Last year the Corolla wild horses were spotted within about 10 minutes of beginning their drive on the beach. The weather was fantastic the entire time the group was here last year which made everything better.

Vince said that many of the drivers had never been here prior to 2011 but they are now looking forward to coming back soon.

Village Realty is going to work with Manx on the Banx for accommodations for the group but in the meantime here are some photos of what went on last October.