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Beach Etiquette

We know we are pretty laid back here and hopefully we use our manners for all our visitors...all the time. But as laid back as we are there is most definitely some beach etiquette that should be observed by everyone ... locals and visitors alike. First of all...please do not throw your cigarette butts on the beach or even bury them in the sand. There are trash receptacles for that. Kids dig in the sand and they should not be digging up this type of thing. Plus, it looks terrible and we are very proud of our clean, wide beaches.

Observe the rules and regs for dogs on the beach and this varies from town to town. Read more at www.PetFriendlyOBX.com. And of course, pick up after your pets please and thank you!

The next item has been mentioned several times on a popular OBX Message Board...and although it seems like common sense and just plain good manners it never hurts to remind people. Unless there is absolutely no place else to place your blanket, beach towels, chairs, coolers, etc...please don't plop down directly in front of someone who got there earlier than you. It is kind of like when you get to the movies early, pick out some good seats, the theater is not crowded but someone comes right along and sits directly in front of you...really? Yes, really and we have all experienced it. I am not sure why this happens and I guess if it happened to me at the beach I would probably pick up my stuff and move.

Don't let your kids or anyone else dig huge holes in the sand...and then leave them there. Many people walk the beaches at night and these holes could cause them to fall and possibly injure themselves. Just get the kids (or the husband, boyfriend, uncle, friend, etc) to cover the holes back in.

People go to the beach for many different reasons...some to get a tan, take a nap, ocean time, reading, family time, fishing, beach volleyball, to get married, propose or all of the above. Be respectful to those around you. If you have a large group and know that you will be making some noise them pick a place around similar groups so you will not disturb the readers and nappers. Plus you might meet some new friends.

Always always watch your little ones when they are in the water. They can get knocked down by a wave in an instant. Don't count on someone else, even the lifeguard, to do this for you.

When you leave the beach, leave it cleaner than you found it. Do your good deed for the day and rack up some kharma by picking up that extra piece of trash and disposing of it properly. You will set a good example for the kids and maybe some of the past offenders too.

Have a great day and we are glad you are here!