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It's Raining, It's Pouring but the OBX is not Boring!

OK, so you are here for your week at the beach...whoo hoo...sunscreen is on, bathing suit looks great on you and you have the latest book loaded up on your Kindle. Then, oh no...rain. And lots of it. What do you do? You don't want to sit in the house and watch TV, you can do that at home. And the kids are going crazy...gotta find something for them to do. Not to worry, really. We are here to help. When was the last time you went bowling with the family? We have an excellent bowling alley in Nags Head, very family friendly. www.NagsHeadBowling.com

Even if you have been to the NC Aquarium there is always something new to see and the kids will be entertained for hours at either the shark tank or the touch tank. They offer summer camps and activities all summer long. www.ncaquariums.com/roanoke-island

Movies...we have an outstanding movie theater in downtown Kill Devil Hills and yes, they have the latest movies for families and adults. www.rctheatres.com/loc_killdevilhills.asp. There are ten theaters so you will have plenty of choices and they usually offer a "rainy day matinee", Corolla also has a theater with four movies to choose from daily. www.rctheatres.com/loc_corolla.asp

Laser Tag seems to be very popular and you have two options:
Gearworks www.obxgearworks.com or Destination Fun near Mile Post 9 in Kill Devil Hill--I could not find a website for this one.

For the little ones we have a shop where they can make their own teddy bear or other favorite stuffed animal:

www.stuffabearstore.com/index.php is located in the Jockeys Ridge Crossing Center right across from...you guessed it!.. Jockeys Ridge. You will also find an ice cream parlor and Miss Kittys Old Time Photo shop here...this is something fun to do cause you get to dress up in old timey clothes. Fun souvenier to take back home. www.oldtimephoto.net

Same shopping center has another unique shop...Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps

From their website:

"Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps—a surprising little shop loaded with treasures. Visit this eclectic emporium featuring intriguing works by local artists as well as exquisite offerings collected from around the world—hundreds of bags, purses, sterling silver jewelry, home decor, and much more. Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps is the Outer Banks only distributor of amazing Del-Sol products that change color in the sun. T-shirts, nail polish, and accessories.

Also at Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps you can add a statement to your style with a hair wrap or cornrows from experienced designers. All work guaranteed. Walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to make an appointment for wraps or braids, especially during the summer. Pick a temporary tattoo that's FDA approved and made from 100% non-toxic materials. Hundreds of designs!

Or you can make your own sand art using local sand (of course) and shells, sea glass and more. Same place, Jockey's Ridge Crossing.

Then of course there is always just plain old but always fun board games. Many vacation rental homes have these and if not you can always pick one or two up or bring them with you.

So these are just a few suggestions for you and I am sure there are more rainy day things to do but I have to get back to work.

So until next time,
Your OBX Bloggers