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Skateboarding on the Outer Banks of NC

Bowl? Grind? Taco? Sharpie? Hammer? Ollie? Hmm, if you know these words then you must be a skate boarder and it is time to add Outer Banks to your vocabulary! So you ask why would a skater be interested in the Outer Banks, other than to enjoy it's beautiful clean sandy beaches, blue skies and warm ocean? Seriously, where would you skate here? Local skate authority Jesse Davis, of the Outer Banks Skateboard Guide, says "the Outer Banks has gained a reputation as the "Oregon of the East Coast". It is now a skaters vacation destination with a wide variety of parks of concrete and skatelite, both free and for fee, plenty of "downhill" runs, "secret" places and incredible skate/surf shops, all spread up and down this amazing 100 mile stretch of sand.

Check it out. Your first stops will be in Currituck County before the bridge to the Outer Banks. Maple Skatepark has a reputedly gnarly bowl that according to the Skateboard Guide, "seems to come right out of a 70's film". Next take a 20-minute drive and 45-minute ferry ride to Knotts Island Skatepark, which is modeled after the infamous Wallows skate ditch in Hawaii. We hear the locals will be stoked to see you! Now head back to 158 and go 1 mile before the bridge and skate Powells Point Sound Park; their rad bowl is one of skaters' favs. Now you cross the bridge and head on up to Corolla's Island Revolution Skatepark. It has what is described as a "compact combi-bowl" with a concrete flow/street area and their own skate shop. Ready for the next stop?

Well, switch up your boards and head south! Look for the new park in Kitty Hawk village opening in 2011 and rumored to be a primo design. In Kill Devil Hills the 158 Surf & Skate is a challenging indoor spot with booming sound and a killer skate shop in the midst of all the fun. Also in Kill Devil Hills is Aviation Skatepark, an excellent blend of street and flow bowl that will keep you busy for hours. It is within a 10-minute walk to the Wright Brothers Memorial, for those in your group who don't skate.

Continuing on to Nags Head you'll find the Y.M.C.A. Skatepark. It is outdoors, offers something for everyone and is best known as the knarliest skatepark on the Outer Banks! On Roanoke Island, Manteo's Skate Plaza has an oversized "driveway" and is within walking distance to restaurants, galleries, deli shops and museums. Catch your breath if you can and then, over the inlet bridge and to Hatteras Island we go! Drive on to Buxton where you can "drop a hammer" at the Fesseden Center Skatepark. Boasting a bowl and prefab street area, it has a playground and tourist center next door. In Frisco, south of Buxton, is the 3:16 Skatepark. In an air-conditioned warehouse, this major park offers daily as well as late Friday sessions, barbecues, bands and good-hangout kind of vibes!

Bring your board and experience these five star challenges and thrills of an Outer Banks skate vacation! Pick up a copy of Jesse Davis' The Outer Banks Skateboard Guide or visit their web site at www.obxskateboarding.com for complete information with park descriptions, maps, phone numbers, schedules, fees and equipment requirements (as well as news, reviews and interviews). Tell Jesse we sent you!